Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Learn How to Paint a Room Like a Pro DVD

Professional painter Dan Brady has turned the expertise he's acquired in over 20 years of work as a painter and painting contractor into a new HGTV-style video, "How to Paint A Room Like a Pro."

This DVD comes complete with a shopping list for supplies for doing your own paint job.

This comprehensive video offers easy-to-follow techniques that even the most novice do-it-yourselfer can use to get a professional paint job. The 17 easy-to-navigate chapters include: Choosing interior paint colors; Choosing the right tools for the job; Preparing a room for painting; Wall preparation from minor repairs to fixing large cracks and holes; Priming repairs; Caulking trim; Preparing the trim for painting; Taping the floor and taping the trim; Rolling out the ceiling; Cutting in the walls; Rolling out the walls; Doing an accent wall; and finally, Interior Design - putting the final touches on your finished room.

Buy this video and soon you too will be Painting Like a Pro!

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